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   Cube Tent

  • The Cube Tent is collapsible, lightweight, designed to make creative Photography of reflective
    products like Gold Jewellary, Silver , Glass and Diamonds. Also works great in the studio
    with Tungsten, daylight balanced fluorescent & electronic flash.
  • Cube Tents are useful for the reflective product photography.
  • Cube Tent’s ready to use unique design helps you to take QUICK SHARP PICTURE
    without glare and reflection of DIOMANDS,GOLD and SILVER JEWELLARY,
    without wasting of time for preparations of the lighting.
  • Available size:  20”, 25”, 30”, 40”, 50”, and  60”.
  • Supplied items: Foldable Cube Tent with front and top zips, with two plain color backdrops.


  • Specially designed front panel with long slit opening that allows camera lens accesses into the Cube Tent from the wide range of angles, as well as ease of product placement. Also included White, Black, Red and Blue interchangable velour backgrounds that prevent shadows on the background and provide complete seperation from the item being photographed
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